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Senior Health: Age-Related Hearing Loss


Age-related hearing loss or presbycusis is the gradual loss of hearing that occurs as people get older. Hearing loss, as simple as it may sound, can bring about serious complications in a senior’s life. This is why assistance, such as that offered by our caregivers in San Francisco, is very important for seniors with this condition.

Presbycusis is caused when the tiny hair cells found in your inner ear die or become damaged. These hair cells do not regrow, thus, most hearing loss caused by hair cell damage is permanent. These changes that occur in your inner ear become apparent as you grow older. Genes and consistent listening to loud noises may also play a role in hearing loss. Other factors that contribute to age-related hearing loss include family history, smoking, certain medical conditions such as diabetes, and certain medications.

Our in-home care in California can help seniors with hearing problems through in-home assistance services. The dangers associated with hearing loss, such as not being able to hear alarms, may be prevented by having a caregiver at home.

While there is no cure for age-related hearing loss, there are treatment options available that are focused on improving one’s everyday function. Hearing aids, sign language, lip-reading, cochlear implants, or assistive hearing devices are some of the options you can choose from. You may also avail of our senior care in Irvine, California.

So, if you have problems in hearing, it’s recommended to have your ears checked by a doctor right away. For assistance, call our referral agencyDash Referral Agency – today!

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