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Living With Multiple Health Problems as a Senior


Aging predisposes us to different kinds of health problems. One challenge we may face as we grow older is having to live with multiple health problems. More than half of all adults who are 65 years old and above have three or more ongoing medical problems, such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.

The presence of multiple medical problems in an individual prompts the need for our elderly care in San Mateo. Our team understands this predicament. Hence, we do our part in helping seniors through direct referral access and match them with competent and reliable healthcare professionals.

A team of healthcare professionals must work hand-in-hand when dealing with seniors who have multiple health conditions. This is to avoid certain problems like prescribing different medications for the different health conditions in one person as these drugs may interact adversely with one another. Proper management and treatment for these cases require healthcare providers and caregivers to work together in figuring out the best common solution to the different diseases. Enlisting the assistance of an in-home care in California is also helpful.

If you are a senior citizen who is living with multiple health problems, make sure to inform your healthcare provider immediately if a certain treatment plan is not working or is causing major side effects. You can also inform your doctor if the treatment plan is too complicated to manage. The treatment plan may also include a home care plan if needed. For effective in-home services that match up to your overall treatment program, consulting a referral agency may be necessary.

To know more, call Dash Referral Agency today! We assess each senior to properly match them with the right senior care in Irvine, California.

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