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A Hazard-Free Home for Your Elders


Accidents may happen anytime. And when you have an elderly at home, you have to hazard-proof the premises they frequently use to avoid any fall incidents.

Start with damages. Fix broken floors and steps in your staircases so your seniors can freely walk around without worries. Also, repair areas with leaking water to avoid slipping. Install handrails in stairs, bathroom, and other spaces at home where deemed necessary. These will keep your elders safe from falling while independently moving for themselves.

Clean slippery surfaces and remove clutter where anyone can trip over. It may result in fall incidents – causing sprain or fractures.

If an elderly can no longer handle himself alone, consider Elderly care in San Mateo, so you can guarantee that someone is looking after your loved ones. Call our Referral Agency for inquiries and assistance.

Avoid hospitalization and unprecedented expenses due to accidents at home. Proactively look for areas that need repair, so you and your loved ones are safe, especially our seniors under In-home Care in California, who we need to protect the most.

Dash Referral Agency can be your go-to provider of reliable services. Be worry-free with our Senior Care in South Orange County as we promise to care for your elders like a family should.

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