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How to Help Seniors Adjust to Their New Caregiver

How to Help Seniors Adjust to Their New Caregiver

A professional for in-home care in California almost always immediately build rapport with their clients through conversation and other activities. Elderly individuals don’t just need companionship but genuine connection as well, and for caregivers to achieve this, they and the elderly need to learn about eachother.

A provider of senior care in Irvine, California lists some tips on how you, as the caregiver, can help the elderly adjust to your presence:

  • Exchange stories.
    Some good ways to break the communication barriers are flipping through photo albums or looking at memorabilia together to open up discussions of memories about experiences, family, or friends. Caregivers in San Francisco believe these are some easy ways for you to build a bond with the elderly.
  • Connect through music.
    Listening to their old treasured songs has a therapeutic effect on seniors, so now that you are in their home, try playing their favorites. This helps reduce their anxiety and bring back memories.
  • Share activities and hobbies.
    You can discover pastimes together, like handcrafting, watching sports on television, scrapbooking, cooking, and more, like what most providers of senior care in South Orange County do.

There are many other ways you can forge a connection with your elderly client. If you’re looking for caregiving roles, let a referral agency such as Dash Referral Agency help.

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