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What to Consider When Directly Hiring Caregivers

What to Consider When Directly Hiring Caregivers

There are many things to consider when hiring a caregiver for your loved ones. A provider of senior care in Irvine, California lists some tips for the process:

  • Identify the need.
    Narrowing down your elderly parents’ specific needs helps in defining job descriptions in finding the right candidate. A referral agency in California can be your partner in this process.
  • Determine the pay rate.
    Independent caregivers are subject to Fair Labor Standards; thus, the rate of their pay should be at the minimum wage including the overtime pay.
  • Find the right caregiver.
    You have a lot of resources to run to in selecting a successful candidate. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family as well as post online or on newspapers’ classified ads. An agency that makes direct referral in Marin County can also help you with the search.
  • Conduct an interview.
    Connect with this potential caregiver personally or via phone. Ask questions such as their previous work experiences, why they did or did not like their previous job, how they handle the difficult task in caring, and more.
  • Conduct a background check.
    Checking the past history of your desired candidate is essential (e.g., licenses, criminal background, work history, etc.) as well as their reference.

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