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Are You Confused About Hiring Home Care Services?


Are you having a hard time deciding how to hire home care services for your elderly loved one?

We understand how hard it can be to pick reliable home care services. Questions will be asked whether to use an agency or hire a caregiver on your own.

Why not both?

Nowadays, a referral agency can provide you with the perks of both options. Looking for assistants to provide help at home is a crucial decision and needs a lot of thinking. It is your or your loved one’s safety and privacy that will be involved here.

As a provider of direct referral in Marin County, we recognize the need for clients to be in control of the hiring process. However, not all are willing to tradeoff the time spent on the administrative tasks in hiring a direct caregiver. That is why our agency will provide you other considerations and options to make your life easier.

    In looking for in-home care in California, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I capable of managing the hiring process by myself?
  • Do I mind handling the payroll, all the paperwork, taxes, and insurance?
  • How will I manage the caregiver’s vacation leaves, sick days, and family emergencies?
  • What if, what if, what if?

If you are unsure about your answers but badly want to be involved in the process, work with Dash Referral Agency.

Our agency provides a platform for seniors and their families to find the appropriate senior care in Irvine, California. Our team’s expertise is to provide our clients with direct referral access and match them with talented care professionals in the field.

Learn more about what we can offer here on our website. Call us for urgent concerns.

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